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      Quality assurance

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      Metallurgical products up to the standard of ISO9000、EN3834、EN287、GB11345-89、SN200、STD etc.

      Wind power products up to the standard of ISO9000、EN3834、EN10160、EN287、EN1712、ISO17638、ISO23278、ISO3452 etc.

      Hydroelectric products up to the standard of ISO9000、EN3834、EN10160、EN287、Siemens enterprise standard, Alston enterprise standard, Voith enterprise standard, Dongfang Electric Machinery Co., Ltd enterprise standard,Harbin Electric Corporation enterprise standard,etc.

      Forging product meet the requirement of ABS《Rules For Materials And Welding》、BV NR216 《Rules On Materials And Welding For The Classification Of Marine Units》、China Classification Society《Specification for materials and welding》、DNV《RULES FOR CLASSIFICATION OF Ships/High Speed, Light Craft and Naval Surface Craft》、GL《Rules for Classification and Construction-Materials and Welding》、LR 《Rules for the Manufacture,Testing and Certification of Materials》etc.

      Seri focus on product’s quality and environmental protection, carry out clearer production technology, up to the standard of IS09001: 2008、IS014001:2001、GB/T28001-2001. Based on the Strong qualifications, strong strength, Seri has got many certificates, such as Ship motor and electrical equipment repair qualification certificate of China Classification Society, quality system certificate for shafting and mechanical general forging steel parts of China Classification Society, welding certificate of Germanischer Lloyd IS03834, Manufacture License of Special Equipment issued by People’s Republic of China, Safety mark certificate for mine products. Seri also got the title of Tianjin municipal enterprise technology center, National high-tech enterprises, keep the contract and focus the integrity enterprises, and Tech giant enterprises.

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